On March 24, 2017, the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development created the Commission on Inclusive Education as an arms-length body under the provisions of the Teachers’ Professional Agreement and Classroom Improvements (2017) Act to examine the model of inclusive education in Nova Scotia.

The Commission is tasked to

  • complete a literature review of national and international research
  • identify best practices from across Canada
  • consult broadly with the many partners in inclusive education
  • reform inclusive education in Nova Scotia
  • develop a strategic plan that includes recommended changes to:
    • policy
    • funding
    • resources
    • teacher training (initial preparation and ongoing professional development)
    • coordination and alignment of programs and services
    • monitoring of inclusive education
    • accountability
  • Submit a final report by March 20, 2018

Consulting extensively with front-line teachers, parents, students, associations and seeking feedback from Nova Scotians is a priority for the Commission.